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Accounts Receivable

Expected Money Coming In! If you, as a business owner, have clients that have purchased goods or services that are not paid at the time of the sale, you will want to invoice the clients to receive payment. Keeping track of Accounts Receivables is very important as business owners will want their clients to pay within the stated terms.

Accounts Payable

Expected Money Going Out! If you, as a business owner, receive bills from vendors that are due in the future, you will want to keep track of them and plan your cash balances to pay these bills when due. Some examples are: rent or lease payments, utilities, and invoices for materials or services.


We all do better with planning and budgets help us do just that. Budgets can take income and expense information from past years and help project for the future. Getting your business to grow and be profitable are goals that can be helped by using budgets.


Do you need help in handling payroll tasks, including paying tax liabilities? My services include facilitating employee payroll, payroll tax liabilities and payroll deductions for health insurance, garnishments, and other employee deductions. Keeping up-to-date with Oregon and United States labor laws can seem daunting, but are easily managed with today’s accounting software.

Financial Statements

As a business owner, you may want reports that help you see the strength and weaknesses of your company. Maybe what is wanted is a snapshot of your financial position for a certain date, which is the Balance Sheet. Or it could be a report that covers the income and expenses over a period of time, which is the Profit and Loss Statement. The reports help in fully understanding your business’ financial position.

Notary Public

Do you need a document or certificate notarized? I am able to take acknowledgments, administer oaths, certify copies and witness signatures. This service does not include legal advice as I am not a practicing attorney.

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